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Cheap Rose Gold Corum Replica For Sale - Replica Watch Shop |

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The project began before the Singapore lockdown, but it was accelerated partly because of it. Rambaud continues, "With the rise of global connectivity and digital touchpoints, we have seen Singaporeans being open to new retail technologies experiences. Singapore is the perfect place to launch this new concept because of its openness and willingness.

A Digital Retail Experience Augmented

You can discover Corum Replica's different worlds at the From the Portugieser Collection to Aquatimer. The contact points provide additional technical information about their products or you can arrange a virtual conference in the private web-conferencing room to hear a Brand Advisor explain their products in more detail. The advisors can be reached on weekdays between 10am and 7pm. You can also arrange private walkthroughs.

The Corum Replica Boutique at ION Orchard in Singapore. Virtual retail boutiques allow you to move around the space in the exact same way that you would in a physical store.

Rambaud stated in an official statement that the "launch of our virtual reality retail experience the Corum Replica Virtual Boutique perfectly embody the brand'sDNA and offer a tailored online experience." In a world where virtual connections and access are more common and available than physical ones. Visitors can now enjoy an Corum Replica experience outside of the traditional retail infrastructure.

This concept allows the brand to interact with younger clients on a digital front that is more personal and also adds a bold, innovative face in its retail network.Patek Philippe Aquanaut Replica The platform will become more interactive as more users interact with it. This is a bold step that will allow it to expand its digital conversations with clients.

Visit the Corum Replica Virtual Reality Boutique.

The Corum Replica SEA Marketing team led this project in collaboration with INSPIFY a Singapore-based tech company. The company worked with Corum Replica to develop a retail initiative that connected content from social media and publishers to Corum Replica product offerings. Rambaud says that the "platform was built and improved with a lot of collaboration at both regional and headquarters levels and across functional teams, including Digital Marketing, Retail Operations and Client Experience."